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Some things are un-avoidable with aging and that includes tooth loss. Sometimes tooth replacement in the form of Summerlin dentures is the only solution but, with today’s technology, there are many options for tooth replacement.

Full dentures are required when you lose all your teeth along the top, bottom, or both. If you are missing a few teeth, you might just need a partial denture as a solution. Our dentures in Summerlin are crafted from various materials based on your needs and preference. Some patients need a dental implant as an anchor to keep the dentures in place.

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Benefits of Dentures

There are many benefits with dentures and the technology has come a long way. We now have the ability to support you dentures with implants for more comfort and stability.

Some patient’s worry that their dentures will not be comfortable, perhaps remembering the discomfort felt by their parents or grandparents. Things have improved so much that modern Summerlin dentures can make you look younger, helping to reverse the appearance of a sunken cheek and reshape the shape and definition of your cheeks.

With today’s newest techniques, dentures Summerlin are also much more affordable, easy to remove and clean, and look natural. Surgery is often not even required. There are many options for either a partial or full dentures in Summerlin based on your particular need.

Call today to check out your options when it comes to needing either a full or partial denture. At Desert Sky Dental, we care about our patients and we will provide the best service and solutions for dentures in Summerlin.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dentures:

Are dentures better than implants?

While dental implants offer a permanent solution to tooth loss, some people may opt for a less invasive solution. Dentures are removable and do not require surgery. Additionally, some patients may not qualify for dental implants due to bone structure. Get a free consultation at Desert Sky Dental to find out what is the best course for you.

Do dentures look like real teeth?

Dentistry has evolved over the years and modern dentures can be made to look like natural teeth. Your dentist will work with you to craft custom dentures to ensure you are proud of your smile.

How long do dentures last?

Generally dentists will recommend that you get new dentures every 5 to 8 years. Over time dentures can get worn through use, however with good oral care and regular cleaning they can last a long time.

How much do dentures cost?

The cost of dentures can vary depending on the treatment needed, material used and size of the dentures. Desert Sky Dental offers a variety of financing options as well as free consultations to help you get a beautiful smile.

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